We have saved all of our crime news stories as well as brushfires, forest fires and other natural as well as man made disasters.

The footage starts in 1994 with SVHS, progressing to 8MM, HI8, DV and HDV1080.

Our archives contain all of the footage that we have recorded since our first story in 1994,

The first story that we shot is still today an unsolved medical mystery.

Gloria Ramirez died in Riverside General Hospital in Feb of 1994.

When she died, her body apparently emitted toxic fumes that sickened the entire ER staff, caused the ER to be evacuated, and created lasting medical conditions for the exposed staffers that have plagued them for years. Alarmed at her death, the Riverside County Coroner took the extra precautions of an ‘alien autopsy’ reminiscent of a science fiction movie.  Here is the ABC 20/20 story.



The Unsolved Medical Mystery

1996 - 2005